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[REPORT] Charity Bazaar and Jumble Sale

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Assalamualaikum.(May peace and blessings be upon you)

The RCSI Islamic Society and the ‘Humanitarian Fund For GAZA’ drive would like to thank all of you for your help and support  for the Charity Bazaar and Jumble Sale particularly Putraventure Ltd, and all partcipants and donors.

A ballpark amount of 1030.35 has been collected in just 5 hours and will be on its way to Humanitarian Efforts in Gaza through Islamic Relief.

Second hand stuffs, foods, drinks, books and clothes stall were open and most people came, grabbing a thing or two and then donating- most donated claiming to be very overwhelmed by the amount of stuffs people donated and the effort made by the students.

However, due to lack of storing space, the committee have to give the extra materials (particularly the colthes) to Dublin City University (DCU) Islamic Society to continue on the effort.

DCU will be organizing RAG week in which societies in DCU will be doing fundraising events in aid of the DCU Annual Fund (providing funding for Access students), Bodywhys (raising awaresness of eating disorders), and Youth Release (helping disadvantaged kids in Ethiopia). So we feel that it would be a good idea for DCU ISOC to be taking the extra materials we get from the Charity Bazaar for that.

We hope none of the donors would feel taken down that  not ALL that you donated is going ‘directly’ to Gaza but be rest assured that due to the overwhelming effort you have made to support the event, we have been able to collect a lot of donations- the amount collected on the day was well worth every bit of things supposedly sold on the day. ;-) so jazakallah khair (may God bless you with bountiful blessings) for your help, really! Eventually, all’s well ends well insyaAllah…and Allah will reward you based on your intention  PLUS, words have it, there are Palestinian student who will benefit from the event through the DCU Annual Fund.;-)

If you have stuffs that you want to get back, please get them from RCSI prayer room before Tuesday (17th of February). We however have no record of what has been sold or not, and we do not really have the capacity to do so (particularly regarding the clothes).

We would also like to thank all the volunteers who have helped, especially the RCSI pre med and 1st med students. We hope your lending of helpful hands have been able to give you the natural satisfaction promised for those who does good deed and be rewarded bountilessly with blessings from God.

To read more about Islamic Relief Emergency Appeal for GAZA, click here.

We hope to continue our effort and that others would also follow suit. May all that has been done be able to help them in Gaza and may we all be able to grasp and answer the calls beyond the call for Humanitarian Aid which is the call for peace from that particular place is in the Middle East. A call for peace and humanity.


Written by ForGaza

February 14, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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