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Direct Debit Scheme For GAZA

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Direct Debit Scheme for GAZA?

Yep, u heard right, let’s be one of those who are istiqamah in their deeds and maintain a proactive support for GAZA.

Are you familiar with CONCERNS MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT SCHEME? or FOSIS 1 EURO PLEDGE? That’s exactly how this scheme would go!

This scheme is initiated by Malaysian Society Galway in support of the Humanitarian Fund for GAZA. By joining this, you will be  helpingIslamic Relief with their Relief Missions in GAZA and Palestine. Thousands are hurting and Islamic Relief is on the ground helping them. Read more about Islamic Relief’s work in GAZA here

Look out for one of these pledge forms and fill them away~!!

You can even register online by filling in this form

Have an internet banking Account and want to do it yourself instead?


  1. Log in to your AIB or other online banking account immediately after you read this message.
  2. Click on the ‘standing order’ tag on screen.
  3. Fill the form online.

Online form (example from AIB):

Receiver Information


* Receiver Bank Account : BANK OF IRELAND

* NSC : 904018

* Account Number : 19951228

(Must be a Republic of Ireland account)

* Payment Details : Free Palestinian Campaign

* Payment Amount in cent : ……….

(For example, for 25.00 Euro please enter 2500)

* Frequency : monthly

* Start Date (DDMMYYYY) : 01022009 (example)

* Number of Payments   6 / 12 / 18 (choose one


Written by ForGaza

February 6, 2009 at 3:36 am

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