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For Peace, Humanity & Gaza


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What is for GAZA?

This is a video by FOR GAZA drive FAMILY to demonstrate to the whole world what we in Dublin say about Palestine! Also about the unscrupulous people who invade it! And we will no stop! Until the ISRAEL stop!







This is not about who would bloody listen, its about HIM, who is ever-listening and who will make them listen and HE who snaps THE WORLD back to conscience and to reality.


Written by ForGaza

January 6, 2009 at 11:26 am

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  1. This is a MUST SEE audio slideshow of the recent Zionist atrocities in Gaza.

    What can you do? You can help spread the word. Please download the slideshow, view it, upload it to other servers, email it to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and distribute it on other websites. We must not remain silent.

    The following links all lead to the same slideshow but multiple sources are listed in case servers remove the original link. Spread the word!

    Don’t Drink the Water

    Come out, come out, no use in hiding.
    Come out, come out, can you not see?
    There’s no place here, what were you expecting?
    No room for both, just room for me,
    So you will lay your arms down.
    Yes, I will call this home.

    Away, away, you have been banished.
    Your land is gone and given me,
    And here I will spread my wings.
    Yes, I will call this home.

    What’s this you say, you feel a right to remain?
    Then stay and I will bury you.
    What’s that you say, your father’s spirit still lives in this place?
    Well, I will silence you.

    Here’s the hitch, your horse is leaving.
    Don’t miss your boat, it’s leaving now.
    And as you go, I will spread my wings.
    Yes, I will call this home.

    I have no time to justify to you,
    Fool, you’re blind, move aside for me.
    All I can say to you my new neighbor,
    Is you must move on, or I will bury you.

    Now as I rest my feet by this fire,
    Those hands once warmed here, I have retired them.
    I can breathe my own air and I can sleep more soundly,
    Upon these poor souls.
    I’ll build heaven and call it home,
    ‘Cause you’re all dead now.

    Oh, I live with my justice,
    And I live with my greedy need.
    I live with no mercy,
    And I live with my frenzied feeding.
    I live with my hatred
    And I live with my jealousy.
    Oh, I live with the notion,
    That I don’t need anyone but me.
    Don’t drink the water.
    Don’t drink the water.
    There’s blood in the water.
    Don’t drink the water.

    A voice for Gaza

    January 17, 2009 at 2:30 am

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